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Policy and procedures for S+J


  • We are not a Junk removal service, we cannot remove large items (mattress, Etc.)

  • We are not Exterminators and may not be able to accommodate jobs with infestations

  • We are not Construction workers we cannot refinish walls or other surfaces


Confirmation and Cancellation of Appointments

  • A text should be sent out at least 48-72 hours before the cleaning to confirm or cancel

  • We ask that we are notified no less than 48 hours before canceling a cleaning is schedule

  • A $25 no show fee would be applied to the client if there is a lock out( we cannot get in to clean) or no show/cancel with no timely notification


Miscellaneous items

  • Interior Oven cleaning

  • organizing children's toys

  • organizing tops of dressers or tables

  • wall washing

  • Interior Refrigerator cleaning

  • Smoker's house

  • Heights requiring a ladder more than 3 feet

  •  moving furniture to clean

  • Garages, attics, or unfinished basements

  • Inside fireplaces or wood burning stoves

  • Interior of vent

  • Any and all feces

  • Animal, bedding, food, feces

  • Any kind of pest infestation (rats, fleas, Roaches etc)

These details are to be discussed before the scheduled cleaning, there is no guarantee that the request can be accommodated.

There may be an extra charge for the service request

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