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How to prepare for hiring a professional cleaning service.

I would like to first make it known that, this post will be dedicated towards the folks that have thought about having a cleaner come for consistent “maintenance cleanings’. This will not serve as advice for “one time cleanings “ or “move in/move out cleanings”. The image I have chosen to include is of a house that is the epitome of what I believe any house should look like after being cleaned here we have it;

10 steps to prepare for a house cleaning service

  1. Understand the difference between a “House Cleaner” and a “Housekeeper“. According to “Housekeepers may do light cleaning more regularly, while house cleaners perform deep cleaning less often. House cleaner and housekeeper — they sound the same, but they actually involve two very different jobs and duties.” If you would like to read a more detailed description you can visit ( Once you have determined what you need, you will have to ask your cleaner during the initial conversation exactly what services they offer and you explain to them exactly what you need.

  2. Can you afford a House Cleaning Service? to keep it short I would say to go to google and put in “ what is the average cost for a cleaning service in SC?” Or in whatever state you are in and that will help to give you an outline before looking for quotes.

  3. understand that hiring a cleaning service never equals that you will never have to clean. Many cleaning services are very specific to what services to offer, so depending how much you are willing to spend or the professional you hire, there can always be something that you may still have to do if you are looking for a complete deep cleaning. For example ,many cleaners don’t wash dishes if they are hired to do a monthly or bi-weekly maintenance cleaning. They are there for a limited amount of time and they are only there once a month and dishes should be done daily.which also leads me to number 4.

  4. In order to get the best out of your cleaner you must minimize clutter. You will either have to take on the task yourself or pay the difference for your cleaner to help with organization if they are able to accommodate. Never assume that your cleaner will touch your personal items( toys, clothing, toiletries,dishes,mail, food and more). Our Job is mainly focused on a streamlined cleaning of the house ( wash down of kitchen and bathrooms, vacuuming dusting and mopping floors)

  5. understand if your cleaner is a Company or an individual. Companies may send a team member every time , the individual is just that person.

  6. understand your expectations on time. Cleaning companies who have multiple house can only give a rough estimate on when they will arrive and may be delayed, also how long or short they take to clean is usually always varied.

  7. understand that thing can break. Evaluate your home and whether or not you have anything of value. If you do, you can ask your cleaner if they have insurance and or also not have them clean that item.

  8. do not expect for your cleaner to clean your home the way that you would clean your home. You can set your expectations and have your special requests honored if that is your agreement with your cleaner, but do not ask why they didn’t do something’s without getting a full outline of what it is they are willing to do in your home.

  9. communication is key. Understand that cleaners are still human and can make mistakes, if they miss something open up and let them know if they missed a detail because 9/11 they will rectify the issue if they take their job seriously.

  10. always confirm or cancel ahead of time. It’s the best way to be consistent with your cleaner.

There are many things I can add to this post but I think that everyone looking to have consistent cleaning ¿s should think about these items.

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